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Nearly 150 million people of India can read & write English but canít speak fluently. People of different age groups who currently are not comfortable communicating in English see it as an opportunity to a more fulfilling and successful personal, social and professional life, including sales persons, housewives, businessmen, employees and job aspirants. In a world of globalization where business alliances are formed across countries between people of different cultural and language backgrounds, it is indispensable. ELITE, one of the premiere institutes in Delhi, is heading towards catering to the language training needs of thousands of individuals

At ELITE we know that good communication skills are the key to your success! Whenever you think of learning to speak English fluently and accurately, think of ELITE Speaking a second language impacts on your career, outlook and future and a course with ELITE can open your world up and even revolutionize your life. This course is structured to take you quickly to proficiency in spoken English language and strengthen your skills and competitiveness for dealing with new challenges in the modern day world. It provides a practical approach to learning and improving spoken and written English as well, which enables our students to make rapid progress in their language learning skills.

We are the only Spoken English Institute which Guarantees to make you "Speak Right English from day ONE". more.....


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